Man Tests Physique Armor By Firing Point Blank Into Own Stomach

The running total of United States military contracts awarded to the concern of Point Blank Body Armor, Incorporated (because 2007). In early findings released 10 months ago, the Pentagon’s inspector general found that, contrary to the loud, emphatic, smug and endlessly repeated stories told by Pentagon officials about how Interceptor had been completely tested prior to becoming offered to U.S. combat troops, in reality, rather the opposite was correct: billions of dollars of body armor had been issued to U.S. troops without having any testing whatsoever.

This cutting-edge plate carrier functions front and back plate pockets for NIJ Level III or IV hard armor plates. Microscopic cracks detectable only with X-ray or acoustic inspection degrade the overall performance of the plates and render them questionable at very best. The significant, who has two enlisted sons, stated that the ceramic plates issued to Army and Marine Corps personnel do not supply adequate protection against close enemy fire.

Gaston and the Point Blank group are uniquely positioned to drive Point Blank’s accomplishment while constructing confidence among all essential constituents—customers, partners, suppliers and workers. The Business began by manufacturing armor as the Point Blank Division of Robust Uniforms, and soon its quick and continuing accomplishment in saving the lives of police and military personnel became a commitment. On Might four, 2005, the U.S. Marine Corps recalled 5,277 Interceptor vests manufactured by Point Blank Body Armor.

Ballistic panels continue to turn out to be thinner and much more versatile, generating soft physique armor extra comfy to put on. Easy to donn and doff, the Guardian combines the versatility of a front opening vest with an sophisticated style which delivers maximum protective coverage. Our core competency is the manufacture of physique armor systems, which encompass ballistic, stab and fragmentation protection for Federal, State, and Regional Law Enforcement, Corrections, and Military. If you cannot make it, cease by the Point Blank booth # 11366 at SHOT Show to see the complete FirstSpear line.

The announcement from the U.S. Attorney’s Workplace drew little more than a handful of scattered articles, with far additional interest focused on Point Blank’s third quarter earnings and a prospective hostile takeover try. Perhaps testimonials like the operator’s letter – Pinnacle has received quite a few – is why nine American common officers purchased Pinnacle armor on July five 2005 to evaluate” it in the course of their tours in Afghanistan. In order to devote all of the company’s energy and resources to this endeavor, Strong Uniforms in 1976 became Point Blank Body Armor, Inc. This signifies that Point Blank will present the soft armor inserts regardless of carrier make.

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