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The United States won the bronze medal, defeating Czech Republic three- in the bronze medal final game. The Memorial Cup , a competitors for junior-level (age 20 and under) clubs is held annually from a pool of junior championship teams in Canada and the United States. Protective equipment is mandatory and is enforced in all competitive scenarios. The National League A in Switzerland, Swedish Hockey League in Sweden, Liiga in Finland, and Czech Extraliga in the Czech Republic are all really well known in their respective countries. Goaltenders’ gear has continually grow to be bigger and bigger, major to fewer targets in each game and many official rule modifications.

This includes a helmet (cage worn if particular age or clear plastic visor can be worn), shoulder pads, elbow pads, mouth guard, protective gloves, heavily padded shorts (also recognized as hockey pants) or a girdle, athletic cup (also recognized as a jock, for males and jill, for females), shin pads, skates, and (optionally) a neck protector. Considering the fact that it is held in the spring, the tournament coincides with the annual NHL Stanley Cup playoffs and quite a few of the prime players are hence not out there to participate in the tournament.

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