Tips to Help You Get Started With Cardio Based Exercises

While it’s true that cardio based exercises are amongst the easiest ways to stay fit and maintain a healthy and active lifestyle, it is foolish to begin any cardio activity thinking that it will be easy.

The result of this thought pattern is nothing more than injuries the next day with lost momentum and enthusiasm, often resulting in the exercise being quit.

To prevent this from happening to you, below are some tips to follow to help you get started with cardio the safe and smart way.

Don’t Rush Into It

The worst thing that you can do is go from sitting on the couch every day to running around the block for 30 minutes until you can barely stand up.

This will achieve nothing but sore muscles the next day.

Instead, take it easy! Consider the first few days of just walking around the block a  few times to be a win, and take it from there. Remember that you need to gauge how well your body can perform before you can hit it with everything you have!

Make Sure You Have the Right Gear

If you are thinking about running and you don’t have running shoes, visit the Groupon Coupons page for Nike. If you are looking to play basketball but don’t have the right clothes, head to your local store and pick some up.

While you don’t have to wear the best of the best, you do have to make sure you are wearing the right gear to keep you safe. For example, running in the wrong shoes can cause you serious injuries to your feet and ankles, leading to problems as you get older. Similarly, the right clothes for playing a sport will give you full movement and prevent injuries from clothing limitations.

Stretch Before and After

The best way to prevent injuries is to stretch before each and every cardio exercise that you can do. Also, the best way to minimize the amount of pain you will feel the next day is to stretch after each and every cardio exercise that you do.

While you might not like the idea, if you give thought to your muscles being stuck in the same position all day as you sit at your desk, you can understand why they may not respond well to being forced into action. Similarly, after exercise, your muscles can become locked and tight, preventing blood and oxygen flow, leading to pain the next day.

Basic rule – always stretch before and after! If you are struggling to find a way to enjoy it, consider taking it outdoors and stretch at a park on your way home from the gym.

Just because it doesn’t require lifting weights doesn’t mean that cardio exercise is something you can rush into without preparation. Before you get into your cardio workouts, take the tips in this article in mind and always listen to your body. If you can see that you are pushing yourself too far and need to rest, be sure to stop and rest.

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